Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 17 - Music Hath Charms ....

One job I'm very glad I didn't have to do is packing up 612's music library.

Thousands upon thousands of CDs and records have been moved to South Bank.

If it had been left to me, I'd still have been oohing and aaahing over the first rack of albums saying things such as "I didn't know we had this CD" or "I'm sure we threw this one out"!

The "stuff-around" factor would have been immense.

The photo is part of one row of many CDs, with records in the background.

Records.    Do we have a turntable?


  1. amazing they don't digitise them all...

  2. I've just caught up with the fact you've started this project (went offline much of Christmas). That's fantastic - good on you. Your pictures are great so far - it's a fantastic feeling when you get to the end. I'll be following your year with interest.

  3. We do have a lot of songs on our audio system - nowhere near all though!

  4. Wow I wish I wish they were at mine, I have vague recollections of the ZZZ vinyl collection circa 82... As I remember we used to bring our own stuff to spin.. Can I send u my MP3 player to fill? Keep em coming Kelly only 348 to go :)

  5. And just around from there is the section with all of the production music and sound effects. Oh, how many hours did I spend in that room (usually between 10pm and 4am) trying to find a non-copyrighted performance of a Welsh choir and the sound effect of a cricket ball landing in custard? In some ways, I hope the new sound room is just as dingy.