Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 23 - The Gruen Effect

It's busy. 

It's shiny.

It says "Come in and buy many things you don't really need".

The humble shopping centre.

Since 1999 when I started at the ABC, I have meandered across to the Toowong shopping centre a couple of times a week.

I like this view because it has captured the four levels at a glance bustling with energy, the wonderful reflections on the escalators, the open space in the middle of the centre and the colours and textures of the shops around the edges.

I'm off to give the South Bank shops a nudge!


  1. I simply do not get those who say they don't like shopping. What's not to like? Great shot

  2. Love it. Again, great perspective. Who doesn't want to spend hours in this place.