Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24: Rain, Rain Go Away

It isn't difficult to understand why many people in Brisbane and Ipswich feel quite anxious when the rain starts pouring down.

Last year was so very difficult for thousands of people, and you may know people who haven't returned to their homes.

Some may never return.

Standing at the back of the Sunshine Coast ABC studio today, I watched fast waters course down a swollen creek, whilst a very calm black swan took advantage of treats that had made their way to the surface.

It is our wet season and a bit of flash flooding is to be expected, but I hope everyone's okay.

If it all does get on top of you mentally, ring a friend and have a chat. They'll understand.


  1. Craig Zonca did an exceptional job on digital radio this afternoon reassuring listeners that this weather is not unusual for this time of year. Their anxiety is totally understandable, and he found a good balance of respecting their legitimate fears, and reassuring them. The events of last year are going to be felt for a long long time - and I think what people like you and Zonca and others do are often unappreciated by some. What you do on and off air is very much appreciated by me, and many others. I hope you know that. Plus, The Chain is so cool:) Keep up the good work.

  2. Rain rain go away we don't need to go through this again...... gee they need to clean the windows at the coast :)

  3. They say a picture tells a 1000 words, but sometimes we need to heed the words just as much. Important words today Kelly and from Anonymous above.

  4. Thanks for those lovely comments.

    Susan: the app is Pixlormatic (spelling?). It's sensational!