Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day Four - Hawthorne Cinema

Yes, new and shiny is attractive but there's something about a classic that keeps you coming back.

Today, that classic was the Hawthorne cinema.

At half the price of the major chain, and without having to put my child on eBay to afford a choc top, it's one of my favourite places.

But what I really love is the ambience.

Old style floor coverings and entranceway, a Nepalese Sherpa to escort you to Cinema Two, and parking I don't have to pay for - yes Westfield I'm looking at you - what's not to love?!

I took Kenz and her BFF to see "Puss In Boots".

They loved it. I fell asleep.  Sorry Antonio.


  1. Great value for money. I can't believe the other mob are still in business given the prices they charge and downloading.

  2. I love it too for me its just a quick ferry ride away. one of the secrets if Brisbane that should be in Spencer's & Brisbane's Secrets of Brisbane.

  3. Barry, Don't tell Spencer about the cinema. He has over 5,000 Twitter followers. Everyone will go there and KHD won't be able to find a car park.

  4. I still think (and cry) over the beautiful old theaters that have gone the way of many old, interesting and beautiful buildings in Brisbane especially those cinemas that lined King George Square in the 60's and those that have disappeared from Queen Street recently. Shame I say.