Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day 60 - Bravest Of The Brave

The thought of speaking in public is enough to make most people hyperventilate with fear.

It may seem strange, but after two decades in radio, I still find speaking in front of a live, in the room audience a little scary.

So, taking that one step further and not only speaking in front of an audience but sharing your thoughts and observations in the hope you will make them laugh, is right at the top of most people's "hell no, I don't think so" list.

That makes stand-up comedians the bravest of the brave.

Be it sharing their crazy lives and families, world observations or teasing out the absurd in the everyday - a good laugh is good for you - and a lot harder than it might look.

Tonight, I actually had tears streaming down my face watching my part-Amazonian, part-bogan, total ranga friend Kat Davidson take us on a slideshow journey through her childhood, finishing with a marathon crescendo that makes you want to jog up some steps humming "Flying High Now"... or get some chips with aioli which was my second choice.

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is on and I hope you get the chance to see some of these brave, funny, insightful, confronting performers...the big names and those who are starting out.

The photo is of the Brisbane Powerhouse wall.

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