Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31 - Couch. TV. Sorted.

Kerbside collections happen across Brisbane all the time, but I've been stunned by the number of couches and old TV's people are piling up on the nature strip.

Some of them look very worse for wear, but others just look a little old.

I remember when I first moved out of home, taking nothing with me because I went from Brisbane to Melbourne, 19 years old and ready to tackle the world.

My mum wasn't happy, saying "You're just getting interesting and now you're leaving".

Dad would have been concerned I was safe, but excited that I was making my way into the world. (I like to think that's what he was thinking).

I sang in bands, worked in quite a few dead end jobs, partied with my friends and enjoyed my youth without getting into massive trouble.

But the fun part of that, in retrospect, was our borderline poverty.

The furniture was third or fourth hand from relatives, friends and op shops.

We lived on tinned spaghetti and toast, our cars were 15 year old Corollas and we didn't care.

I hope someone sees this lonely little couch, calls a friend, whacks it in the back of a ute and takes it home.

It's what I would have done 25 years ago!


  1. Nice effects.
    Wow you could afford tinned spaghetti we lived on coloured rice different each night white, red, blue , yellow and green then some nights we had soya sauce. 31 Days down, 335 to go I look forward to every one of them......

  2. Kurbside cleanup in out area too - I've been spying the rubbish with an eye to a photo but you beat me too it! Will have to find one that doesn't involve couches and Tvs

  3. You'd be lucky to find one without a couch or TV! We could compare cleanup photos!! Have you joined the 612 Flicker group? I'm going to startposting some of my pics there too.