Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 98 - I'll Love Ya....Tomorrow!

It's an embarrassment of musical theatre riches this year in Brisbane.

The latest big hit to hit the stage at QPAC is "Annie".

Although I had seen the movie a few times with Mackenzie, I had never seen the stage production so I went along expecting great things.

I wasn't disappointed, it was a loot of fun and the little girls who played the orphans were just fabulous.

The lead adults - Anthony Warlow, Nancye Hayes and Todd McKinney were sensational (as you'd expect).

The show itself is a little dated now, the scene in the White House was almost cringeworthy (not all Alan Jones's fault) and the repetition of "Tomorrow" and "Easy Street" became a little monotonous, but it did reflect the mood of the Depression and the determination of an optimistic few to make tomorrow a better day.

"Annie" was a treat.

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  1. Hi Kelly, I have been watching your blog and there seems to be no updates. Have you giving up?? I was inspired by you to write on a blog for 366 days and have recommended other to check out your great photos.
    Hope to see you posting soon! Love Tess from Life with Tess Blog