Monday, 2 January 2012

Day One - Something Old, Something New

New Year's Eve.

So many supporters, so many detractors.

Maybe like me you have had your sensational parties, quiet nights or times when you've turned in before the clock struck midnight.

This year was a lovely, relaxed evening spent with family and friends having a chat, sharing favourite stories and anecdotes and just enjoying each other's company.

It was a perfect, positive start to 2012.

New Year's morning was spent having a family breakfast at a local cafe where my mum, Judy (@Jude01 for those of you on Twitter) ordered her usual English Breakfast tea. 

I love the simple elegance of the one cup teapot.

With all the usual hopes, aspirations and good intentions we take into every new year, that teapot and strainer reminded me that not everything needs to be cast off, and that some things - and people - should remain constant in life.

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  1. Love the single cup teapot too! Beats coffee many a time.