Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29 - Sunday, Rainy Sunday

A good market always an air of vibrancy and anticipation about it.

Colors abound, a potpourri of smells waft their way across the stalls, there's usually a busker or two entertaining the passing parade.

You make your way from stall to stall hoping to see that perfect little something you can take home with you, or just take the time to admire the skills of talented artists and artisans.

But the usually packed South Bank markets were a sad sight earlier today, with the unrelenting rain putting off half the stallholders and most of the people who'd normally spend a lazy Sunday afternoon taking a stroll around the white tents.

Maybe next weekend.


  1. Not a good day for the poor stall holders

  2. That photo reminds me of how empty Westfield Chermside looked after they introduced paid parking last year.