Friday, 13 January 2012

Day Thirteen - My Last Day Being 43

Today was my last day of answering "43" if someone asked my age and I had to be truthful.

I hadn't thought much about it at all, when I passed this tree and it started me thinking about what a complex, involved, difficult, rough kind of a year it has been - and not just for me.

So, what did I learn as I sometimes danced, sometimes crawled and rarely slept through my 44th year on the planet?

I learned that...

*I look awful with longish hair. Truly awful.

*That people can appear to be very strong from the outside, and yet be struggling terribly on the inside. Never take for granted that someone in your life is "coping".

*You never know who a hero is going to be in a crisis.

*Photography and music are more than just hobbies for me, they feed my soul.

*I could never get bored with the scenery in New Zealand.

*That I am a person who does better with less on her plate. Some people really enjoy being flat out busy all the time, and there is a certain amount of social glamour attached to people who are always on the go. I however, do not thrive in a hectic environment. I thrive when I have time to creatively approach my work, and when I have time to "be" with my family. This means stepping away from many other commitments. Unfortunate, but necessary. I make no apologies.

*That Twitter is a bit like Wonderland, full of amazing things and people but it can be very dangerous too.

*Green toenail polish looks atrocious. Don't do it. Your toes look gangrenous.

*That the unusual shape of the tree with its anguished looking twists and angles, is what makes it interesting. And so too with people - it's the challenges in life that make us interesting.


  1. I love this tree it's almost haunting in both colour and structure

  2. Really great blog; really great tree. I love those lessons learned, too. :)

  3. As I head for my mid 50's, I have learnt that some of the true 'light bulb' moments of being middle aged includes finally learning to accept yourself, flaws and all........don't rely on other people for your own happiness and being truly grateful for reaching the age that I have.

    Enjoy your 40's my dear - of all the decades this one flew by the quickest for me.........but in saying that, I have reached a level of happiness in my 50's that I have never felt before.

    Happy birthday! Jan xxxx