Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 33 - Brisbane, Buses & A Bridge

Following on from yesterday's Public Transport theme - here's a different view from the Cultural Centre overpass.

I'm catching the bus to and from work, and I'm quite enjoying it.

It can be a strange dynamic though.

I was on a packed bus this morning but it was deathly quiet. Not one conversation or phone ringing.

Just the noise of the bus.

Then I started to cough. I tried to stop. That only made it worse.

I'm sure the woman sitting next to me thought she was going to get TB!

Next time I'll try to start bleeding from the eyes, just to see if I can get my own seat.


  1. Using some interesting effects on your photos Kelly. I try to travel on the buses whenever I can and I remember my first 'silent, crowded' bus. Conversation replaced by earphones, smartphones, books. We're losing the art of conversation and conviviality I think. Bit of a shame really.
    Loving the Project.

  2. Wow. I don't "do" buses but love the pic. Is there some nifty iPhone filter or are those the colours as they are in real life (like I said, I don't do buses)

    1. I don't do PT full stop. But love the photo. :)

  3. Count the number of people tweeting and/or texting on iPhones I say this is the social phenomenon worth a PHD research grant

    1. How about "'Tweeting the community': white earbuds as trope for juxtapositioning social alienation with cyber-realities" ;~)