Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 38 - SuperCycleFragiListic

I have been lucky enough to see the wonderful, whimsical "Mary Poppins" three times - once in New York, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The musical is simply joyous and really is perfection on every level.

This picture shows one of a series of snippets from PL Travers' classic novel line the walkway under QPAC.

And a cyclist.


  1. Serious is that on the wall? such epic timing with the cyclist just in frame.. With my luck they would have been in centre shot....

  2. I'd like to say it was perfect timing on my part, but I was desperately trying to take it before the cyclist got into the frame. Turns out it made for a far more interesting photo.

  3. Wow, that's great. Photography's wonderful serendipity at work. Some of my favourite photos are the ones I didn't plan or shot accidentally. Ah, this project is making me want to take my camera out walking again...