Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 40 - Tenez!

One of the reasons I swapped to Afternoons this year was to spend more time with my daughter, Mackenzie.

For seven years I have missed all the swimming/tennis/golf/drama lessons and a few of the performance nights and school events too.

I'm lucky I had the chance to change all that, and Kenz and I are both loving this extra time together.

There's not a scrap of graffiti on the very exposed walls of this tennis building.

Just the spray paint art.


  1. Perfectly framed, how good is street art?

    Brisbane has a fair amount of street art but I have to say Melbourne is a favourite destination with the many and varied painted laneways.

  2. It is a shame more isn't done to foster this cos as this shot shows it's awesome and it deters those intent on doing evil with spray paint

  3. Like Chocolate, street art is an addictive desire. You always enjoy seeing quality work. But if all the blank canvasses of the city were covered, like too much would make you sick. A little of a good thing is enough.