Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 74 - Tunnel Vision

As I write this, I am trapped on a bus in a tunnel heading to the Mater Hill stop - there are always bus jams here.

I've come to appreciate the busways since the ABC moved to South Bank and I've been taking public transport.

The "bus only" roads extending out from the city make it a fast, easy ride (well, until you get back into traffic).

I'd share some more thoughts about the busways but being election time a sneeze at the wrong moment could result in a complaint of bias, so you'll have to die wondering.

This is not a bus tunnel - this is the underpass between the Museum, bus stops and QPAC - a place most people probably don't know exists.

This was taken at 7:30 in the morning but it still had that slightly creepy, bad guy going to turn the corner, run for your life, horror movie feel to it.

Or perhaps I just needed my first coffee of the day!


  1. Great depth of field, tell me did you lie on your stomach to get this great shot?