Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 76 - Talbot

This is our station mascot "Talbot", named after the ABC's first Managing Director, Talbot Duckmanton.

He has that name because Spencer Howson cheated, or got someone to cheat for him, during the naming competition.

Talbot is a rather large koala who has a new home sitting in the conversation pit of our the new ABC  building.

Talbot is something of a fashionista (or the male koala equivalent) and he is seen here wearing a station t-shirt because he's about to go on his first holiday.

Talbot's going on a road trip with Saturday brekky presenter Phil Smith who promised Spencer Howson he would take excellent care of our good luck charm.

So if you see him, sidle up beside him and give him a cuddle, he loves that....Spencer that is, Talbot's very protective of his personal space.

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