Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 88 - Materialist Mecca

The local shopping centre has opened a massive renovation and yes, it's very pretty.

Fans of "The Gruen Effect" on the ABC will know that shopping centers are designed to entrance us, to make us forget where we are, how much time has passed.

This is done via bright lighting, a slightly confusing layout and ambient music. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Kenz was very excited about the Build-A-Bear shop (my wallet not so much), but otherwise I've seen them all before.

There's nothing new in there, no shops that aren't part of a franchise, nothing that entices me because it might be unique or interesting, it's just more of the same old same old in a jazzier setting.

Sure, there are shops that haven't been in that centre before, but been there, done that.

The new front entrance is huge, three story high panes of glass across the front, lots of open space, a small play area and the new library area downstairs.

Craig was less than impressed with the glazing job on some of the shop windows - said it was incredibly sloppy.

The old area though looks shabby now.

Like a moth-eaten cardigan you once loved compared to the new woollen jacket you just hung up in the wardrobe.

The photo is taken from the third floor looking into the new entrance area.

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  1. carindale has been lacking eating out options for a long time, so that was an improvement..but agree, the 'new' shops didn't really do much for me. Lots of kids and homeware shops and not much else.