Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 66 - Don't Egg Them On!

A mate of Dad's brought over a truckload of fresh googies for my parents today.

Pete's a bit hard-boiled but a good egg, really.

And when I say fresh, I mean still warm, just wiped off the poop, the chook is still feeling the after-effects, was that a clucking I heard outside the window, near orange is not the real colour of the yolk, fresh!

You can end up walking on eggshells when you start a discussion on fresh food, it's an eggsplosive topic and some people just can't take a yolk, but I find their lack of humour eggscruciating.

I tried to poach a few for brekky tomorrow morning, but my plan was fried when I had to scramble to find a way to eggstrapolate the carton from my mum's grasp, but I couldn't fit them all in one basket.

That put her in a fowl mood, but shell be right - Mum sees the sunnyside-up eventually.

 In fact often she's an absolute cack-leberry.

I can hear you thinking, "Kelly - an oeuf's, an oueuf."

(66 days down. 300 to go)


  1. Hmm, '66' can look like a couple of eggs side-by-side, in a certain light. (Too many puns for one night).