Monday, 9 January 2012

Day Seven - The Piazza

Be they professional musicians or performers, talented kids or moderately talented individuals with a lot of guts, I always enjoy buskers.

Strolling through Southbank this afternoon there were quite a few around.

The first picture is of a young woman who was playing the cello near the new ABC headquarters.

The second photo is of a group of teenagers who had taken centre spot in the piazza.

They weren't busking, but like generations before them, they were listening to their music and "busting a few moves".

As we and many others watched on, the young men danced a little, but you could tell a mixture of nervousness, fear of failure or looking silly was stopping them from really letting loose.

It was a shame really, because I was hoping they would just relax and show us what they could do.

It didn't have to be brilliant, and I think if they had taken a chance and backed themselves, they'd have been surprised how many people would have enjoyed it.

Keep that in mind next time fear of failure stops you - most people actually wish you well!

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  1. love the variety in your blog KHD and your photos are interesting, beautiful and special. Keep going...lovin' it.