Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day Ten- Brisbane Vista


Love my job. Love my colleagues.

I spent most of today in a meeting with my fellow presenters talking about 2012.

No, I'm not giving away any of our plans except to say that you have a great year of listening ahead.

Instead, for your viewing pleasure - here is the panorama from our meeting room.


  1. and all of that for just .... what 10 cents a day is it??

  2. A very creative environment, good for all of you. It has been a very tough journey to get to this point what with cluster cancers, separation of different parts of the ABC and having incredibly close (squashed) quarters where you are now and for so long. May the many talents of the ABC presenters, and all the staff be unleashed in such a wonderful, creative environment. You have all earned it.

  3. Beautiful pic and view. Love ABC 612, have been listening to it since 1972 when I had 2 little one of 20 months and 5 months, did my washing in a Hoover Twin-tub and lived in a funny little suburb of Nambour called Parklands with no telly. I listened to serial at midday "Green Hills" then "Strip Jack naked" and others that I had to tune into every day. Now I listen to talk back with Madonna (WHERE IS that girl!! I miss her) Conversation hour, and KHD in the afternoons. LOVE it.