Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 57 - The Sciencentre Rocks!

Along with what seemed like a million other families, we headed off to the Sciencentre today.

It's one of Mackenzie's favourite places and she's been nagging us to go there since the renovations were finished.

For parents who haven't discovered the Sciencentre, it's a wonderful place where kids (and adults) can wander around performing science experiments and having a hell of a lot of fun whilst learning the basic principles of biology, physics and the natural world.

The newest addition is a "crime solving" section, where you have to use the science of forensics to solve a murder case.

It may not be for every child depending on age and temperament, but the kids running from clue to clue today seemed to understand it was make-believe.

Outside is the dinosaur area, which was flooded in 2011, where I found this rather grumpy-looking creature.

To preserve our arts and cultural precincts, we need to instill a sense of connection and ownership to them with the younger generations.

Based on the hundreds of 0-25s at the Qld Museum today, I think they are in good hands.