Friday, 6 January 2012

Day Six - Family Portrait

Should I just leave the Christmas decorations on the tree and pack the whole thing up as is, or should I lovingly remove each piece, wrap it up and store it safely just like I do every year?

Well, I packed them all up but felt a twinge of "why bother because in what will seem like two weeks I'll be putting the blasted things up again".

Today's photo has nothing to do with that.

Friends of ours are off to see Mary Poppins tonight and they are really making a night of it.

The girls and their mum had their hair done, they had dinner at a restaurant together and are no doubt loving the "Poppins" as I type.

The theatre is one of the few remaining places (besides weddings and funerals) where we can dress up to the nines as a family and do something a bit special.

I hope this photo reflects some of their excitement.

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